Convert GroupWise To Outlook PST With Best Possible Solution

Convert GroupWise to Outlook PST with Best Possible Solution

Converting from Novell GroupWise to Outlook has become a need of the user. However, exporting mailboxes from GroupWise to Outlook is not very simple and thus many times users need third-party designed software to perform the conversion of GroupWise to Outlook possible.

Though Novell GroupWise is one of the preferable email clients which is better known for its security features, reliability and administrative services due to Outlook flexible environment, user-friendly access and low cost of maintenance along with better features and security access, Outlook has become more popular amongst its users. Most of the most prominent reason for converting from GroupWise to Outlook is that GroupWise is known for its complexity amongst the user and close environment as a result of which the user is unable to work properly.

Methods to Convert GroupWise to Outlook

1.Go to Programs, right click and locate Novell to open GroupWise.

2.Click Inbox from the left panel end

3.Hold the CTRL key and select the GroupWise messages to export to Outlook

4.Right-click on selected messages and click ‘Save As’ and format options displays the options

5.Click on ‘HTML’ and select the location to save GroupWise messages in HTML format

6.Select ‘Save to Disk’ option and checkbox for ‘Report File Name Conflicts’

7.Click on Browse button to save the files into the current directory; else the files are saved at default location, or; ‘GroupWise’ directory

8.Click on ‘Save’ button to save the selected items.

The GroupWise email messages will be saved as per the preference and desired location which will take time after which the dialog box will automatically get close. The user can later import it into Outlook.

Disadvantages of using the manual method

The manual method comes with disadvantages

* The manual methods are time consuming and take lot of user time to convert GroupWise mailbox to Outlook.

* The Process of converting GroupWise to Outlook becomes very lengthy when using manual methods.

* In manual methods the user cannot convert multiple mailboxes at the same time.

* Manual methods requires technical expertise, if the process is not done properly it may lead to loss or corruption of data.

Best possible solution to convert GroupWise to Outlook

Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook is the best possible solution which can efficiently convert GroupWise to Outlook without any drawbacks. Through following steps the user can convert GroupWise to Outlook without any problem.

1.Install the software into your system.

2.After the installation is done. Open the software and add a GroupWise mailbox to convert to Outlook PST file format.

3.After the GroupWise file is add from the ribbon bar. Select export Outlook PST files.

4.A dialog box will pop up where the user can check and uncheck the GroupWise mailbox items for conversion. Click “next” to proceed further.

5.A “message class” filter option will appear from where the user can export items on basis of emails, calendars, etc. fulfill the details and click next to proceed further.

6.Select the target as per preference using “target folder” and “split PST” as per desired and fulfill the details. After all the necessary information has been selected in the criteria mentioned in the pop-up dialog box click “next” to continue.

7.After clicking next the Process to Convert GroupWise to Outlook will start. “Wait” until the process is completed.

8.After the process is complete “finish” the program.

Beneficial features of using GroupWise to Outlook

* Convert all the component of GroupWise mailboxes such as emails, calendars, checklists, etc.

* Add singles as well as multiple GroupWise mailboxes for conversion.

* Convert GroupWise to Outlook PST instantly.

* Process is easy, secure and user-friendly.

* Save GroupWise to Outlook PST, EML and MSG file format.

* Split PST files according to preference.


Hence we would like to conclude that there is a need to convert GroupWise to Outlook PST by the user but the process of converting GroupWise mailbox to PST is quite lengthy and sometime may corrupt GroupWise mailbox data. Therefore the user needs a trustworthy and reliable third-party solution such as Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook converter which is safe, secure and provides adequate results without any alteration in the original data.

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